Limited Edition Gocco Serigraphs by Jose Pulido                  
These limited edition prints measure 5" x 7" and are printed on Coventry Rag Paper. They are screenprinted using a Japanese Gocco machine and are signed and numbered by the artist.                
  Edgar Allan Poe -$10     Shakespeare Calavera-$10   Mark Twain Calavera-$10 Lumberjack Calavera -$10
      SOLD OUT         SOLD OUT      
        SOLD OUT    
          Hobbit Calaveras -$10                 Aztec Calaveras -$10                 Fishing Calaveras -$10      
Revolucion -$10
    SOLD OUT  
Cantinflas-$10 Calavera Maul -$10
  El Mil Mascaras -$10         Chavo del Ocho Calavera -$10     Johnny Cash Mugshot -$10     El Santo -$10  
        SOLD OUT  
  East Coast Rivals -$10       Las Dos Fridas -$10       Los Soldados -$10
    SOLD OUT  
  Summer of Love -$10 Paletero Calavera -$10 Sunday Morning -$10
          SOLD OUT               SOLD OUT               SOLD OUT        
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