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Mis Nopales is a small company based in southern California created by dos hermanos desde 2004. We strive to celebrate nuestra cultura Mexicana through the various products that we offer. Our focus is to provide quality products with a unique flavor, like frijoles y nopales! Our name is a representation of our cultura and our environment. Nopales are a classic symbol representative of our culture and they belong to everyone, hence "Mis Nopales". We believe that everyone should be proud of their culture and history, no matter who you are. Be PROUD y NO TE RAJES!!
We hope you enjoy our products, as we try to incorporate Humor, Pride, and a sense of History. We create our products for everyone to enjoy, because we aren't the only ones who grew up listening to Los Yonics, who grew up watching Thundercats, who grew up eating frijoles 5 days a week, who grew up watching la familia play futbol cada domingo en el "parque de arriba", who grew up eating konfleis y tomando chocomil, who grew up writing run-on sentences, who grew up...well, you get the point. Check back often as we have many new products and ideas in the works. Gracias a todos los customers que nos han apoyado con comprar nuestros productos via nuestro sitio de internet and the various shops donde se encuentran nuestros productos. Thank you for visiting el sitio de Mis Nopales y Viva México!
-Los Hermanos de Mis Nopales  
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